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Pencil Bookmarks

Hello Readers,

Today, I thought I’d show you my handmade pencil bookmarks I offer at my signings. As a writer I love pens in fun colors, notebooks, tablets, and the pencil. I used to have a pencil pillow I made in home-ec while in high school and regret getting rid of it.

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Author Questions Part 2

This post was originally written for my first blog, HeirForceNovel.wordpress.com; I made a few updates for this blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Seven Fun Questions with Author Michelle Connell

part of my office

part of my office

Just for fun, I thought I’d make up a fan, and name him Arthur Fan (a fun take on author) and let him ask me questions that readers might like to know the answers to. So here is what he asked:

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Gone Scrappin’!

As opposed to gone fishin’. 🙂 I am out for the weekend having a blast with several other moms for a fun time of scrapping! I’m looking forward to working on a different kind of creativity.

I’ll post some pix next week and share how it went. Hopefully I can get a lot of pages done!

See you next time!



Hello there!

Welcome to my site! I will be blogging about writing novels, homeschooling and occasionally, scrapbooking. I blogged a novel, Heir Force, that you can read for free at heirforcenovel.wordpress.com to get a sample of my writing. Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches on my next novel, Cookie Encounter, coming out on Kindle in a few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions about writing, homeschooling or scrapbooking, let me know.

~~See you soon!