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Writing Prompt Wednesday #65

Hello there,

Did you miss my writing prompt last week? I didn’t get one out as I have been sick lately with some sort of crud and then strep, but am all better now. I am on to bigger and definitely better things!

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For You: a Short Romance Story

Hello Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve added a short story to my blog for subscribers. (at the top right of this screen, in pink). It’s a very short story, only about 3 pages long and involves toilet paper, of all things! (Don’t worry, the story is clean!)

Here’s the cover:

unfolding rose for short story Romance Unfurled

It’s called Romance Unfurled and you only get it by signing up for my new newsletter, which comes out when I have updates, appearances, etc.

Do you like the cover? Let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!



Spring Fling! Giveaway! Part 3

Hello Readers,

This week, to enter the giveaway of the following books, including a signed copy of Cookie Encounter, answer this question: what would you like to read about on this blog? I’d like to write about what you’re interested in. So here’s your chance to let me know in the comments. And share the giveaway with your friends! Thanks!


flowered tea cup atop novels, Cookie Encounter

This week’s giveaway ARV is around $65 and you can enter until Saturday, April 23 9 p.m. CT. Good luck!


Spring Fling! Giveaway Winner #2!

Hello Readers,

tea cup, Cookie Encounter book, fiction books

I’ve been having so much fun hearing from you about your favorite romantic couples! Thank you for those who shared their favorite couple and mentioned the giveaway to friends. I appreciate it!

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Cookie Encounter on Sale!

Hello Readers,

I wanted to let you know that the e-book version of Cookie Encounter is on sale now for .99! It’s a tender story about forgiveness and finding love. I would love to know what you think!

I won’t post too much about it, except again when the paperback version comes out in a couple weeks for those who like to read and hold ‘real’ books–like me!

Have a good one!



Who Knew? MSWord for Kindle!

Ok, you all know how untechy I am. But I recently watched a youtube video on how to use MSWord to put a manuscript on the Kindle. I had no idea this was available! I had always heard it had to be in a .mobi file to work on Kindle. But apparently they have changed that ‘rule’ and I, yes, me, was able to get my book on Kindle within a couple of hours. I was stoked! But because it was after midnight when I finished, I didn’t get to shout and whoop it up. My family were all snug in their beds.

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Writing Prompt Wednesdays

I thought I would try something new this week. On Wednesdays, I’ll either post a set of random words or a short sentence to get your writing juices flowing.

Today, I picked three words for you:

  1. picnic
  2. spotted (the verb, not the adjective)
  3. socks

I know, totally random, huh? See what you come up with and post your sentence or paragraph in the comments. Have fun! I’ll post mine later.