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Reading Wrap Up: June 2018 #amreading #summer reading

This was an interesting reading month for me. I read one book I didn’t think I would enjoy, but found it easy to read but not in an entertaining way, but one that kept my interest because it made me angry and sad for the women in it who were repeatedly lied to by their bosses and died because of it. (That is probably the longest sentence I’ve written in a long time!) What is this book? Continue reading


Reading Wrap Up: Jan. 2018

Hello friends,

January found me a little busy with the two book signing events I prepared for, but I managed to read a few books in between. 🙂 This is also going to count for this week’s In the Writer’s House, since my newsletter went out a few days ago. I’ve had fun reading all the comments and replying to them for the giveaway! Continue reading

July 2017 Reading Wrap Up

For me, July was busy. We celebrated three family birthdays, my hubby and two of my three daughters. We also worked at our Vacation Bible School (VBS) the last full week of the month. But, I still managed to read six novels and three writing related books.  Continue reading

Reading Wrap Up: October ’16

Hi there,

I couldn’t believe that I had to write my reading wrap up post already, I almost forgot today was the last Friday of October! Wow, time does fly when you’re working on one book and trying to market another and homeschool in between and read a book or two and….well, you get the idea.

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Reading Wrap-up: September ’16

Hello there,

I can’t believe it’s time for my monthly reading wrap-up already! They seem to come faster and faster as we move through the year. Fall came overnight here, and we are now in the 50s at night and 70s in the day. Loving it! (The first day of fall, we were in the 90s!)

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This month, I read fewer books as I’m going through edits in Heir Force, my military romance coming out next year, and because we started classes at our Connell Christian Academy (homeschool).

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