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I’m So Sorry…

if you have recently ‘bought’ a free or .99 copy of Cookie Encounter. After reading the paperback proof, I have found many typos, left out words, etc. that I have since corrected in the Kindle version as well.

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Who Knew? MSWord for Kindle!

Ok, you all know how untechy I am. But I recently watched a youtube video on how to use MSWord to put a manuscript on the Kindle. I had no idea this was available! I had always heard it had to be in a .mobi file to work on Kindle. But apparently they have changed that ‘rule’ and I, yes, me, was able to get my book on Kindle within a couple of hours. I was stoked! But because it was after midnight when I finished, I didn’t get to shout and whoop it up. My family were all snug in their beds.

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