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In the Writer’s House #35 #amwriting #Homeschooling

So, today is our first day of our new school year in the Connell house. I like to start after Labor Day here in the U.S., since it is always so hot anyway. And almost every children’s book or television show mentioning the school year says school is from September to May. I agree. Continue reading


Favorite Reads of 2016: Part 1

Going back through my little booklet of books read, I found my favorite titles from the past year. I won’t break them up into various genres, but will list them by month and a short blurb about each.

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I’m Nutty

my current fiction stack

my current fiction stack

about books!

I’ll tell you why. Yesterday, I went to three public libraries in the area where I live. Yes, three.

I went to the first one to meet a writing friend so we could work on our books. During a break to stretch and walk around, I found three books and four movies to check out.

I worked at that library for a couple hours, then my friend and I had lunch together. Later that afternoon, the kids and I went to the military base library because they had 7 items on hold for me. Plus I found a new author to try.

After dinner, I took my son to Lego club at our city library and checked out even more books. I think if I counted only my library books right now, I have about 31 books to read.

This is why I’m nutty.

I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I step foot in a library. I think, ‘Oh, I’d like to try that author’. ‘Or that book looks good’. ‘Oh, I’ve never heard of him/her, I’ll see if I like them’.

Several of my books are on homeschooling, as I’m learning about a new way of doing things. Some are fiction, and some are either about writing or marketing. I am always learning something!

homeschooling books

homeschooling books

And this doesn’t count the three books delivered by Amazon yesterday. 🙂

Today, I’m returning to one of those libraries (the bigger one) so the kids can get more books. Am I crazy or what?

writing/marketing books

writing/marketing books

How many library books do you have on hand right now? I’m curious to know if I’m the only nutty one about books!

Happy reading!