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Writing Prompt Wednesday

--Writing Prompt Wednesday-- (1)

Hello Readers,

Yes, I realize today is Thursday, but thought I’d post yesterday’s WPW anyway. I’ve been down with a slight health issue, called bursitis. It’s under control now and I’m very thankful for doctors, meds and heating pads. 🙂

Anyway, here is this week’s writing prompt: use the following words and see what you come up with. Mine is below. Have fun!




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A DIY Book Signing: Part II

Hello Readers! I sort of forgot to post this part, so here it is. Enjoy!


Waiting to sign books!

Waiting to sign books!

So, the book signing was several weeks ago already. I had a blast! It was fun to meet so many new people who came to see what this was about. My writing friends told many of their friends and it was so kind of them to come and support me.

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