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Tonight’s the Night!

Hello Readers,

Tonight is my first author appearance at the local library’s book club. I’m a little nervous, excited, and hopeful. I’ve heard they laugh a lot.

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Nutty about Books Update

Dear Readers,

I thought you might enjoy a quick update on my reading this year so far.


stack of library books

my current fiction stack

I’ve finished Above Suspicion by Helen MacInnes of course, and I read The War that Saved My Life. The others in the picture above are still waiting.

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A DIY Book Signing Part 1


Now, I’m getting nervous.

I’m getting ready for my first book signing for Cookie Encounter. The flyers are printed, the prizes purchased, the table and table cloths chosen, the decorations bought. I have a great location, a bakery in a nearby town to hold the signing. I am also collecting baking ingredients for the food pantry.

I have sent press releases to two papers but haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe I won’t. That’s ok. I’m doing everything I know how to do and doing my best. Local libraries are informed that I have a book out and will leave flyers for patrons.

The date and time are set. My books are here and ready to go home with a new friend. A couple of reviews are in and they are positive and most welcome.

Eight days until the event. This is not an ordinary thing for me. But I will try to have fun and enjoy myself.

It’s time to let my baby fly.


Four Things Not To Do After NaNo

WBP_Blog_EditingBasicsThe other day I wrote about why I love NaNo and yesterday I wrote about different ways to go about it. If you’re at all thinking about participating this year, you have only a day or so left to register.

If you do sign up, please let me know so I can encourage you. Since I have ‘won’ several times in the past, I have a lot of work to do on those books already, so won’t be joining this year. Perhaps I will in a year or two.

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Three Reasons Why I Love National Novel Writing Month


diary-92652_640For writers unfamiliar with National Novel Writing Month or (NaNo for short), it has become a huge support group with participants from all over the world who try to meet the challenge to write their novels. Now a nonprofit, the organization still encourages writers to write a novel-at least 50,000 words of one-in one month. The challenge starts on the first of November, which means this year’s event is just around the corner.

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