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For You: a Short Romance Story

Hello Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve added a short story to my blog for subscribers. (at the top right of this screen, in pink). It’s a very short story, only about 3 pages long and involves toilet paper, of all things! (Don’t worry, the story is clean!)

Here’s the cover:

unfolding rose for short story Romance Unfurled

It’s called Romance Unfurled and you only get it by signing up for my new newsletter, which comes out when I have updates, appearances, etc.

Do you like the cover? Let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!


For Current Readers

Somehow, I think the email sign up is working. I’m not sure how, as I haven’t changed anything except deleting the text from MailChimp. So for those who are interested, you can leave a comment and I will get the free short story to you.

I’m still debating over whether to use a list service. In the meantime, I will plug along on the blog. Next week I will post a few pictures from the lake.

Until then,