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And the Winners Are…

Hello Readers!



blue design/ribboned cookies

blue design/ribboned cookies







What an exciting weekend it was! I met so many new people, it was fun! If I haven’t replied or stopped by your blog yet, I will soon. I’m battling some sort of virus with a really sore throat.

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Thanks for Voting!

I am in the process of contacting the winners in the cover contest for my novel coming out soon. I’m waiting to get their permission to announce their names here later tomorrow. Thank you to those who voted and signed up for my newsletter or blog! I appreciate it.

Hopefully, the winners will be posted shortly.

Thanks again!


Cover Contest! Prizes!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by! It is now fun time! I am so excited, because first of all, I accomplished something techy today! I figured out how to get a newsletter sign up (see it on the right side) and it actually works! (it only took me three hours! Have I told you yet how un-techy I am?)

Second, because it’s contest time! Read on for the details.

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