I Love Libraries!

Do you work in a library? Or belong to a book club?

I love libraries! I grew up in the library, devouring Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew mysteries, and participated in summer reading programs since I could read. Now they are a great place to write or edit my own books!

library graphic with Cookie Encounter book cover

If you have a copy of my book, Cookie Encounter, thank you! I love to visit libraries and may donate a copy of my book for your readers.

Ordering copies:

If you don’t have a copy yet, don’t despair! Paper copies of Cookie Encounter are available from Ingram. The ISBNs are: 978-0-9968570-1-7 (paper) or Amazon for Kindle: 978-0-996857-0-0 (e-book)

Copies of Heir Force are available from Ingram and should be available soon from Baker & Taylor. The paper ISBN is: 978-09968570-2-4 and the ebook: 978-0-9968570-3-1

Author Programs

I’m glad to help libraries out with a few programs. My favorite is just a simple author talk while collecting baking ingredients for your local food pantry. Most food pantries are well stocked on the typical canned corn, peas and green beans. But I ask patrons to bring flour, sugar, vanilla, frosting, muffin or brownie mixes, and other baking ingredients instead. This is an easy tie-in to my book, Cookie Encounter. This one is the most popular so far with good results.

bags of flour, sugar, etc for O'Fallon pantry from Cookie Encounter book signing

Another program is How to Fit Writing into a Busy Schedule. I give a few tips on how to add writing to a full life. Contact me soon to schedule. I have marketing materials upon request, email me for more info.

If you’re outside of driving distance (beyond 4-5 hours from St. Louis), we can set up a program via Skype. Let me know what you’re interested in.

Contact me:

  • Email: mc.romwriter@gmail.com
  • phone: 618.558. 2244 (after 2 p.m. please Sep-May)
  • mail: Michelle Connell, PO Box 302, Mascoutah IL 62258
  • Twitter: @MCromancewriter

Happy reading!