Writing Prompt Wednesday #63

Hello Friends,

I’ve been dealing with an awful sore throat this week and headaches so don’t have a prompt for this week. I must have picked up a bug last week when we took the train to KC. Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week 🙂

I have been busy reading though, so look for my monthly wrap up soon.

Have a good one,


Cover Contest! Prizes!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by! It is now fun time! I am so excited, because first of all, I accomplished something techy today! I figured out how to get a newsletter sign up (see it on the right side) and it actually works! (it only took me three hours! Have I told you yet how un-techy I am?)

Second, because it’s contest time! Read on for the details.

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Under Construction

I’m not having a pleasant time trying to figure out how to get my MailChimp button to show up. I’ve spent half my day watching YouTube videos trying to figure out why I can get the message in but not the button itself.

Eventually, I will get all this techy stuff figured out…probably in the next millennium. For now, if you sign up, I will have to send you the FREE short short story manually. How come these things have to be so complicated, anyway? Who comes up with this stuff? On second thought, please don’t answer that.

I hope that one day I can laugh about this, but right now, I’m losing hair at an unprecedented rate. Please have patience with me while I get this all set up so I can get to the fun stuff–posting!!