May 2017 Reading Wrap Up

Last month I read nine books, all novels this time. I read a couple for the summer reading program, and discovered two new to me authors. Continue reading

Writing Prompt Wednesday #79

For this week’s writing prompt, I wanted to write about a new word I like and which applies to me. Recently I read an article in the local paper about lexophiles. I qualify as a lexophile. Do you? Don’t know what a lexophile is? Read on to find out what it is and if you are one too. Continue reading


Writing Prompt Wednesday #75: Fun Words

For this week’s writing prompt, I wanted to talk about fun words. Words we like to roll off our tongues, words that are fun to say out loud, those kinds of words. Read on to see some of my fun words.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #65

Hello there,

Did you miss my writing prompt last week? I didn’t get one out as I have been sick lately with some sort of crud and then strep, but am all better now. I am on to bigger and definitely better things!

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Writing Prompt Wednesday #58: Favorite Christmas Movies

Hello there,

This week’s writing prompt is about a couple of my favorite Christmas movies. At this time of year, I like to read Christmas novels or mysteries and watch special movies.

Writing Prompt Wednesday,

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Book Bargains!

Hello friends,

Today, I hope you aren’t too stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner (for those readers in the States). Normally, I would be posting my monthly wrap up today, but I will post that on Monday instead. Today, I have other book-ish announcements!

One woman, Nicole, from a group on Goodreads was kind enough to put together a special promotion for several ebooks from group members in a huge shopping sale. You will find many books listed in the link below that are all $1.99 or less. The authors are all sharing this sale with their individual readers and fans.

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July Reading Wrap Up

Wow, I thought June’s wrap up came fast. July’s came even faster!

reading wrap up grapthicThis month, I haven’t read as many books, because I was trying to set up a signing in Nebraska for when we would be there, but after several calls and looking up bakeries and coffee shops, it wasn’t to be.

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