About Michelle Connell

Once upon a time, as a 2-year-old, I wanted a typewriter. But I was so young, I called it a hipiter (high pie ter). I didn’t get one for a long time. So for years, I used a pencil or pen and paper to write short stories, dreams, and started novels in places I’d never been, like New York City. 🙂 Nonetheless, I kept writing. Then one day in high school I got an electronic typewriter and several years later used a computer and started to practice on it.

Soon, I was sending in articles and book reviews and they were accepted for publication. Encouraged, I kept going. Then one day my writing group convinced me to try National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I considered putting my writing friends in an asylum, but decided to join them in this crazy project instead. With no plot and no characters, I started writing a novel. I wrote 50,000 words that month and knew I could tackle novel writing. Thanks to my not so crazy friends after all, I now have several novels in the works, and Cookie Encounter is my debut novel.

My second novel, Heir Force: A Military Inspirational Romance, came out in 2017. Follow along with Kate as she navigates the many changes in her life after a tragedy. Can she meet her most challenging assignment yet and accept Spencer’s help?

I attend writer’s conferences (Write to Publish is a favorite), study plot and characterization books (review many) and haven’t stopped working on novels since.

I am married to a wonderful man, who retired from the Air Force several years ago; I have 4 children and have the awesome task of homeschooling them. In my spare time (!) I read writing magazines, novels, and books about the Holocaust and WWII; scrapbook two or three times a year; and bake cookies and muffins.

If you have any questions or comments, you can write me at mc.romwriter at gmail.com or at Michelle Connell, PO Box 302, Mascoutah IL 62258. I’m also on Goodreads and Twitter: @MCromancewriter. I’d love to hear from you!

Follow along as I share my journey as a romance novelist. The more, the merrier!



3 thoughts on “About Michelle Connell

      • Hi Jeanine,

        Did you know that my second novel, Heir Force is out now? You can buy it from Amazon, at any store (they might have to order it) or you can request one of the libraries order it. Let me know what you think!

        Take care,


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