Q and A with author Michelle Connell:


Q: How did you get started writing?

A: I began with short pieces like book reviews, a few devotionals, and personal experiences. I have written hundreds of reviews over the years for many markets including CBA’s Retailers + Resources Magazine.

1994 copy of Writer's Digest

my oldest copy of Writer’s Digest

Q: When did you begin to write novels?

A: I never intended to write novels, if you can believe it! I didn’t think I had the time or gumption to write them, with three young children at the time. (I now have 4) It wasn’t until my writer’s group encouraged me to try National Novel Writing Month (NANO) back in 2006 that I even attempted. That November, I wrote 50k words of what is now my novel, Correspondence Encounter, which is in the editing phase. The following year, I wrote the bulk of Cookie Encounter, which is doing very well and has garnered great reviews.

Q: What is your writing schedule?

A: This question makes me cringe. My schedule changes almost weekly. As a homeschool mom, some weeks I don’t get any writing time at all. Other weeks, I can get away for a couple afternoons for two-three hours and work at the library or at St. Louis Bread Company. Saturday mornings I meet with my writers group. I go through seasons. In the summer, when we aren’t doing school, I can get more hours in around our summer activities—sometimes!

Q: Have you always known you wanted to be a writer, or is this something recent?

A: According to my parents, I wanted a typewriter when I was two. When I asked my dad why, he thinks it was because I thought it could write words. I was an early reader and have always loved books and reading. I am also a huge fan of libraries, and went often through my growing up years.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I am in the midst of editing Heir Force, a military romance, and marketing Cookie Encounter.

Cookie Encounter by Michelle Connell


Q: Are you an outliner or a pantster?

A: Since I didn’t intend to write novels, I am a pantster writer. I have no idea who my characters are on day one, or what the story will be about, or where it will take place. I may have one of those ideas before starting, but not much else.