In the Writer’s House #47: What does a Beta reader do?

In some of my posts, I’ll be answering questions from readers to authors. Not necessarily all the questions will be from me, but they will give me ideas of how to tell you more of what an author’s life is like and how a book comes to be.

Right now my next novel, Accident Encounter, the second story in my Chance Encounter series, is with beta readers. Sometimes called first readers, beta readers are part of an author’s team in getting a book ready for publication. They catch major plot holes or issues, changes in character’s behaviors, grammar and spelling mistakes and other things that after reading a long book a hundred times, the author still misses.

I’ve read published books with mistakes in them, so it is no surprise that sometimes things are missed. But I do my best in finding them all with my first readers and my editor. That’s all an author can do, and then hope readers are kind when they point out something after publication.

Accident Encounter takes place in the Kansas City metro where I lived years ago. I still miss some things about that area and really enjoyed my years there, even though they were tough times. (That’s another story!) This story involves Byron Thornton, a physical therapist, and Meg Graham, a house renovator/flipper. After her accident, she later needs therapy and that is how the two main characters grow their relationship. They have a few issues, as all couples do, so you’ll have to read it to find out how it goes 🙂

Are you reading?

I am currently 2 books behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year, but I’m not worried. Lots of good books out there and new ones coming all the time, right? Are you on Goodreads? Did you make a goal for this year? Mine is a little lower at 80, since I’m publishing and marketing a book this year.

What’s next?

I’m working on another novel I started years ago. The working title is Mail Encounter, but when you hear the title verbally, it isn’t clear whether it is male, or mail. So, I will be running a title contest through my newsletter in a few weeks. If you have any title suggestions, let me know when you get the call in my next letter.

Until next time,


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