In the Writer’s House #46: Happy New Year, Health Update

Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. The holidays were a blur, but fun, and then right after the New Year, my family took a vacation. I hope to post more regularly now that I’m past the holidays and my neck is healing well.

As a matter of fact, I had a doctor’s visit this week and received great news. My fusion is working and new bone is growing! No more x-rays or doctor visits unless I have a problem. Yay!

I’m back to writing and wrapping up the final draft of Accident Encounter, coming out late February. If you haven’t seen the cover yet, or are new, here it is.

My goal is to finish the rough draft with my own edits and then pass it on to my first readers and then on to my editor. Hopefully I can get it out the last week of February.

Here are a few photos from our trip. We took a cruise to the Caribbean and had a warm, sunny, warm, sunny, fabulous time. We came home to snow and freezing temperatures in southern Illinois 😦

my family at Mahogany Bay

my family at Mahogany Bay, Honduras

My mom is in the front in the floral shirt, I’m in the back in the plaid shirt. A kind tourist offered to take the photo for us. I’m usually the family photographer because I’m also the scrapbooker 🙂

Mahogany Bay sign

Mahogany Bay sign, with a true statement

Now it’s back to reality and the real world without a steward or delicious chocolate cake or lots of sunshine. I’m very happy to say that it did shine yesterday and got up to almost 60. Today it’s also shining, but we are barely 30. Sigh.

How were your holidays? Oh, one more thing, I did reach my goal on Goodreads and set a new one for this year, of 80 books. How about you? Are you reading more this year or less?


Happy New Year and see you next time,



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