In the Writer’s House: #42 The Kentucky Christian Writer’s Conference 2019

This is a proof of life post. Yes, I am still here. Are you still here?

I seldom hear from anyone reading my posts, so I wonder if I should stop altogether. But for now, I wanted to share my week last week at the Kentucky Christian Writer’s Conference, KCWC for short. My friend Susan and I drove down Thursday and attended the first event that evening.

By the time we arrived there and checked into our hotel, and had a bite to eat, we had about five minutes to get to the conference kick off. We are both introverts, so we weren’t all that great at the meet and greet. There were lots of people there but we did manage to meet a few nice people. Back at the hotel, we pulled out our laptops and did some writing.

The next morning, we ate breakfast in our hotel and then went to several workshops and classes which we both enjoyed. The keynote speaker this year was Susan May Warren who gave inspirational talks. Lunch was provided as well as snacks throughout the day. We ate lunch with some nice ladies and got to know attendees as we encountered them in classes or meals. Then we we also had dinner there and then with a brain full of information, and a body worn out from socializing so much, we headed back to our hotel to decompress and absorb.

The director of the conference this year was Hallee Bridgeman, and I heard her speak last year at the Mid-South writer’s conference. She is a solely indie author with over half a million sales, so she knows what she’s doing!

Saturday we took another class or two, and I won a door prize! I won these two novels from Susan May Warren’s Montana Marshalls series and a writing instruction book, which I started reading yesterday.

We then ate lunch and then headed home. We left early because we weren’t sure about the weather which was quite rainy. And unfortunately, neither one of us thought to take any photos from our classes or the theme 🙂

Do you like to attend conferences? Have you been to one lately?

Still absorbing great information,



5 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House: #42 The Kentucky Christian Writer’s Conference 2019

  1. Still here too! My daughter has written a book and I’m at a loss as to what’s next. I’ve edited it once, but it needs a bit of polish. How do we publish? Got any tips?


  2. Do you want to self publish or find an agent? What kind of book, what genre? Will she write more books or just have the one? There are 4k+ books published daily on Amazon. Marketing is a daunting and continuos task, and takes money. Email me at mc.romwriter at and we can discuss.


  3. I have never been to a writer’s conference, but I imagine that you can learn a lot from them, and I’m sure it is inspiring to be with so many like-minded people. It sounds like you had a busy and fulfilling week.


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