In the Writer’s House: #Celebrate World Book Day 2019!


As you know, I’m all about books here at Michelle Connell Writes. I love to read them, review them, write them and celebrate them whenever an opportunity comes up-if I hear about it in time.

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I saw on Goodreads that World Book Day was coming up and it’s today! However, I’m a little confused about World Book Day. Apparently in the UK and Ireland, they celebrate this day in March. The rest of the world celebrates it today, an odd Tuesday in April.

I am confused about the ‘World’ part of World Book Day. Doesn’t the word ‘world’ mean the whole ‘world’, like on the same day at the same time? I’m not sure why it has two separate days. Can somebody explain this? I’m all for finding any excuse to celebrate books, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not sure why there are two separate days for ‘World Book Day’. Maybe it should be ‘World Book Days’?

Anyway, the purpose of starting World Book Day, was to get books into the hands of children everywhere, it’s a charity to spread the love of reading worldwide, just not in the richer countries.

My children could probably donate 100 books each to a charity and barely make a dent in their bookshelves. We buy books all year long at used bookstores, library sales, yard sales, etc. And periodically we purge them–so we can buy new ones, of course!

.99 Sale

Anyway, I’m new to the game of World Book Day, and even though my books aren’t for children-but children have parents, yes?- I have put the Kindle version of my books Cookie Encounter and Heir Force on sale for this week for .99 each, with similar prices in other countries.

Are you in the UK?

Speaking of other countries, if you are in the UK, I would really appreciate some more reviews there. Apparently only one review is on the Amazon UK site, and my inspirational romance, Cookie Encounter, wasn’t her ‘cup of tea’, so she left a one-star review. That’s just cruel, but that’s me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t bother reading books I’m not going to enjoy, much less review them for only a star or two.  So a little love there would be much appreciated! And here, in the US, it’s at a good rating of 4.5 stars.

Do you leave reviews that are less than three stars? If so, why? I understand if the book is full of typos or the description didn’t match the genre, or something like that, but otherwise, why bother?

How will you celebrate World Book Day? Or if you did last month, how did you celebrate? Let us know in the comments.

Happy reading!







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