In the Writer’s House #35 #amwriting #Homeschooling

So, today is our first day of our new school year in the Connell house. I like to start after Labor Day here in the U.S., since it is always so hot anyway. And almost every children’s book or television show mentioning the school year says school is from September to May. I agree.

So, why, why, why, do so many (I think all) public schools here start in August? Makes no sense. Anyway, we are on our own time frame which I love and I also love the freedom to come and go when we want. (Although, I must confess we have started in Aug. a time or two to keep my kiddos busy while their friends were already in school.)

Tricky scheduling

I will have to come up with a new writing schedule for this semester at least, as my two older girls are both at the local community college on Thu. mornings when I usually write with two writer friends. Alas, that won’t be possible this semester at least. We are in a season of transition as we figure out the best schedule for school and writing this year with the constant coming and going of my older two.

School supplies or writing supplies?

I love school supplies and even though we need another notebook or pencil like a dog needs fleas, I have plenty of writing utensils on hand in case any of the children feel like knocking out a book on paper. And of course I bought more during back-to-school sales. A writer mom can dream, right?

notebooks, pencil, pen

I had to laugh one year when one of my older children hid the Writing Strands book in the kitchen. The silly child hid it in the cupboard where my mixing bowls and other baking items are stored. Needless to say, it wasn’t hidden for very long! 😎

I’m still writing

My next novel, Accident Encounter, is coming along slowly. I am up to chapter 7 in making changes to the main character’s career. It makes it more interesting and more fun to write.

I am still finding time to read and will try to send out my reading wrap-ups soon for the whole summer! But at least I’m reading. I am too busy if I don’t have time to read everyday!

That’s it around my corner of the world. When does school start where you live?

Happy reading and writing!



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