In the Writer’s House #33b: Do you Suffer from Library Book-itis too? #amreading Part 2

Last week, I showed you all the library books I had checked out currently from three area libraries our family frequents. If you missed the whole 83-book-pile, you can see it here. This week, I thought I’d show you the breakdown of genres, and explain why I have so many. #bookworm problems

It’s a known fact that home school families like to learn. And it’s also a fact that home school moms like to learn. Plus, I’m writing novels, so there is always something to read about in the indie/marketing/writing world. And, I’m learning about essential oils and loving all I learn about them. (I would much rather use an essential oil for most minor health issues, without the side affects of any of the following: constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth, weight gain, weight loss, irritability, and especially death! But I digress.)

Anyway, I am like an untrained puppy being distracted by new scents down trails in the library. And I’m delighted along the way. So, here is the breakdown of my huge 83-library-book pile.

library books on business, marketing or related nonfiction

library books on writing

library books on flea market decorating and upcycling

inspiration for home decorating, using novels in decor, etc

more library books on decor, organization, style, house flipping info

library books on built-ins, workspaces in the home

library books on decluttering and organization

my stack of library books on essential oils

occasionally, I like to check out fun children’s books like these

And finally, my current library stack of genre fiction

You’ll be happy to know that I have since returned several of these books as I have read or skimmed through them. I narrowed my essential oil pile to three, sent back some of the older novels to read later and looked through some of the books on style, flea market decorating and other home-style books I was looking at for my novel in progress as my character is a house flipper. So much fun!

Update on my frozen shoulder

I am thrilled to announce that my shoulder is doing much better and I have been released from physical therapy! Yay! Now I’ve got my summer back-now that it’s practically over, LOL-, but at least I don’t have to drive back and forth to PT twice a week which was putting a serious dent in my writing schedule. I still have exercises to do though so it doesn’t refreeze. Unfortunately, now it’s time to think about our new school year.

Goodreads update

Another happy note, because I’ve had all these library books at my fingertips, I’m three books ahead on my Goodreads challenge this year, which is 100 books. I stand at #66.

That’s about it from my corner of the world. How is yours?

Happy reading!



2 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House #33b: Do you Suffer from Library Book-itis too? #amreading Part 2

  1. Glad to hear your shoulder is doing better. I have been learning about essential oils, too! I’m always interested in anything to do with natural remedies. Wow, 66 books! You’ll meet your goal no problem!


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