In the Writer’s House #31: #SummerReading

Where did May go? And the first half of June? Man, I can hardly keep up. We had a great time at the beach in South Carolina last month, and got back a few days before the Memorial Day weekend.

My plan to read on the beach in the sunshine looked like it was going to be a bust-at least for the first few days because of rain. But, on Sunday, the sun came out and reappeared Monday and Tuesday. We left the beach behind on that Wednesday morning. Pic #1- three of my kids exploring the ocean our first night Pic #2- a sunnier day Pic #3- my oldest collecting shells

Accident Encounter Update

On the writing front, I’m deciding about what career to give my heroine in Accident Encounter, book 2, in the Chance Encounter series. She was a preschool teacher in the rough draft, but I want something different, so am thinking about a couple choices. One is a house flipper, and one is an antiques shop/boutique shop owner. I may still come up with something completely different from these! Oh, the choices one has when writing about characters.

Lots of Reading

I’m busy reading for two summer reading programs, one in our town, and one at Scott AFB Library near where we live. It’s always fun to see what the summer reading theme is for each year. This year, it’s Reading Takes You Everywhere.

Less Blog Posts

My blogging posts are not going to be as regular for a while. I’ve got a minor health issue which is going to require physical therapy visits and much pain for a frozen shoulder. This is going to put a dent in my summer writing schedule, and my writing in general. On days when I can get to writing, I’ll be working on the novel. My goal by the end of August was to finish the rough draft of Accident Encounter, so hopefully I can still make major progress.

I will still post my monthly reading wrap ups, and those may be all I get to for a while. Just stay tuned and keep reading!

Grateful for you,





2 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House #31: #SummerReading

  1. The months are certainly flying by! Sorry to hear about your frozen shoulder. I hope it doesn’t slow down your writing too much.
    It is fun deciding what careers to give to our characters. I think a house flipper and an antiques shop owner both sound interesting and are both very current with all the reality shows about house flipping and antiques on TV at the moment.
    I am just about to start reading Heir Force. It is cold and rainy here, the middle of winter, a perfect day for curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a good book!


  2. Thanks for your input, I’m leaning toward house flipper and have requested several house flipping and/or decorating and remodeling books from the library. You’re going to read Heir Force? Yay! I hope you enjoy it. Stay warm!

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