In the Writer’s House #28

I think spring is coming. Pretty sure. I think. We haven’t gotten that much snow like the north or the east, but our temps have gone down, down recently and we had to bring in more wood for the stove. However, this week the sun is shining again and the temps will go up to the 60s.

Author Library Talk

I’m happy to report that my library talk Saturday on writing a book went well and there were 9 attendees. They asked good questions afterward and I collected a few bags of sugar and frosting, etc for our food bank. It was a win-win! If you belong to a library that is looking for a basic program on how to write a book, let me know!

Author Gets Stuck in Library

So, I had a funny thing happen to me last week. I was at the library on Scott Air Force Base, where a lot of Heir Force takes place, working on my next book. Well, as a military library, they sometimes have to do military things. Like detain patrons during a military exercise. So, as I’m working, I hear an announcement that the threat level moved from Charlie to Delta and now nobody could leave the building.

I had no lunch, it was almost noon, and I had an afternoon doctor’s appointment in St. Louis. Say what? So, I call my hubby at work who is retired Air Force and might know about such things and how long I may be stuck. “They usually don’t last that long in Delta. As long as you’re home by 1:30 or so, we should be fine to get to your appointment in time.”

At 1:15, my cell phone rings. “Are you still stuck at the library?”

“I am. It’s still going on.” I walk toward the front of the library and eye one of the librarians.

“You’ll have to tell them that you have a doctor’s appointment to get to.” I relay the information to the librarian and she nods, “We can let you go.”

So I gather my writing stuff and she walks me to the door and away I went. It was rather strange being stuck at the library and left me with a funny feeling. I don’t normally like to be told what I can and cannot do. It goes against my nature. Anyway, I thought maybe this short story would appear in a novel someday….

Did you ever have anything like this happen to you?

Have a great week!







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