In the Writer’s House #27

I’m ready to be done with our home schooling this year. I feel the itch to write more and put away the school books. Luckily, we only have about 6 weeks or so of school left. And, a new coffee shop just opened up in town, which means I can write there for an hour or so before the library opens in the mornings this summer! Win, win!

Upcoming Author Event

I am also gathering info on writing books for my library talk later this month. I always look forward to talking to other writers, even though I am a little nervous as an introvert. But writing is fun and so I enjoy talking about it!

Please Vote!

Please vote for my book, Heir Force, which has been accepted into TCK Publishing’s Reader Favorite list. It’s easy to do. Just click this link, and it will take you to the general voting area. Click the button on the right to select the correct category (romance), then scroll down until you see the cover of Heir Force and click on it. Then you’re done! I appreciate it very much! Voting continues until December, so I’ll post about it a few times between now and then.

What I’m Reading

I am slowly catching up to my Goodreads goal. I read 11 books in March, which is more to my average, and that reading wrap up will post in the next week or so. I am still a couple books behind, considering 25% of the year is gone already! How does this happen?? Some days I want to yell, “Let me off!” Life goes too fast.

How are you doing with your reading this year?

Happy reading!




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