In the Writer’s House #26 I’m Back!!

Earlier this month I traveled to suburbs of Memphis, TN, to Germantown and Collierville. The drive down was smooth (although a little windy) and we had a nice room at the Hyatt. My daughter, Molly, and my mom took the trip with me and hung out while I was in workshops.

For those who are new or missed my last post, I attended the Mid-South Christian Writer’s Conference. I attended a workshop on Friday afternoon, on Seven Steps to Successful Self-Publishing, by Hallee Bridgeman, an author with over 600k sales-as an indie. She has a complete system to get a book out every 90 days or so to keep the algorithms moving in her favor. I am always learning and looking for new information in this constantly changing field. I took lots of notes.

On Saturday, I listened to Brandilyn Collins on being a light in an increasingly dark world and heard her journey to becoming an author. She spoke twice. In between, there were times I could meet with attendees in the ‘bookstore’ area of the gym. I only sold one book, but I didn’t expect to sell many anyway. I went mostly for instruction and to make a few connections.

I took a couple workshops and took a break and went outside to enjoy the 80 degree weather and took a couple photos of the church and some of the flowers blooming there. Meanwhile, my daughter and my mom drove all over the place and went shopping. My daughter found this cool typewriter at the antique mall and sent me a photo. She said it was a little out of her budget to get for me at $85. I agreed.

Overall, it was a fun weekend and I enjoyed it while visiting a different area of the country. And the people everywhere were so friendly! Quite a bit more friendly than anywhere else I’ve ever lived or visited.

In other news, I’m getting notes together to give a library talk on how to get started writing a book. I’ll be doing that at my local library on April 14th. I’m mostly an introvert, but I can talk about writing or homeschooling all day long!

Have a great Easter!




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