In the Writer’s House #25

Hello reading friends,

This week finds me leaving for the Mid-South Writer’s Conference near Memphis, Tennessee. I’m looking forward to a few days in a different environment, one in which I can connect with other lonely writers. Writing is always such a lonely endeavor, it’s fun to find and connect with like-minded comrades.

I’ll be traveling almost five hours south to a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee with my 16 y.o. daughter, who is on spring break this week, and my mom. We should have a good time; hanging out, reading, and checking out a new place.

At the conference, there will also be a bookstore, so I’ll have both Cookie Encounter and Heir Force available there. And no doubt, I might find a book or two for myself as well!

These are some of the authors who will be there: Brandilyn Collins (known for her Seatbelt Suspense), Patricia Bradley (author of romance and suspense/cold case novels), and Hallee Bridgeman (author of romance and military and contemporary suspense), among others. I look forward to the workshop on Friday afternoon on the topic of self-publishing. And on Saturday, a marketing workshop for indie authors. There’s always something to learn in this business!

In a later post, I’ll share about the trip and what I’ve learned.

I was featured in an author blog by Theresa Hall last Friday. You can see it here. Feel free to like it or leave a question/comment 🙂

I’m still a little behind in my Goodreads reading challenge, but I’ll catch up eventually!

Happy reading!




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