Reading Wrap Up: February 2018

Hello friends,

This month I read 5 books, mostly fiction. I seemed to have lost some of my reading time, and I’m determined to get it back. Just need to figure out how I lost it…

Of the 5 books, four were fiction and one non. For library book club, we read The Lincoln League by Doug Peterson. I enjoyed this book based on a real group of people who were black spies for the north. They weren’t seen when they were slaves, and so they made for good spies since nobody paid any attention to them. This was a good story with historical facts woven throughout and I learned a little history.

The Lincoln League

I also read The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner. In this story, Sarah is a former steamy romance author who becomes a Christian and decides she has to write differently. She also starts going to church and is interested in a man she meets there. She soon finds out he is the pastor and a widow. Their relationship and her new Christian journey make this a sometimes poignant and sometimes humorous story.

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

I read a historical mystery in one of my favorite series by Julianna Deering. In Death at Thorburn Hall, the British Open is soon to start and newlyweds Drew and Madeline are invited to stay at Drew’s distant cousin of Thorburn Hall in Scotland. Other guests are invited to stay along with them but soon they have a murder on their hands and Drew, Madeline, Nick and Carrie are thrown into the mix. Another great installment. I can’t stand golf at all, and was glad there wasn’t too much of it in this book. I needn’t have worried!

Death at Thorburn Hall (A Drew Farthering Mystery Book #6)

The only nonfiction title I read this month was Living the 80/20 Way by Richard Koch, about finding those activities or tasks that take less time but give you more results. There were several charts and quizes in the book, but I didn’t take the time to do them but am planning to order my own copy so I can. There was a lot of info that is helpful for anyone who would like to slow down and take time to be more proactive in their work rather than reactive and get more done with less time and energy. Definitely a good read.

Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More

The last book I read was by one of my favorite authors, Joseph Finder. In The Switch, Michael Tanner is on his way home from a business trip and grabs the wrong laptop that looks identical to his. When he finds out it belongs to a U.S. Senator, he sends some of the Top Secret documents to a journalist friend. When his friend dies as a result of having these documents, this begins a nightmare chain of events that leave Michael running for his life.  Another great suspenseful read.

The Switch: A Novel

This wraps up my reading for February.

What are you reading right now? And what do you think of golf?

Happy reading!




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