In the Writer’s House #21

Has everyone recovered from the busy holidays? We are back to our regularly scheduled home school routine, so things have returned to normal–whatever that means 🙂

I’ve started reading toward my new Goodreads goal, and almost have two books read. I would normally have read more than that by now, but I’ve been busy working on signing up for upcoming events and working on my sales sheet, etc. Have you set your reading goal for this year? I’ve set mine to an even 100, so we’ll so how it goes!

We’ve been in such a cold snap around here lately, I’ve become almost a recluse. I get up in the mornings, add wood to the stove and think about how to stay productive while trying not to shiver. I think we’re slowly coming out of it, though there is a chance for snow this weekend.

If you live close by, you can see me at Mascoutah’s Sweetie Pie Day on Saturday February 3 from 10-1 or in O’Fallon at a vendor fair on Saturday January 27th from 9-5 at Victory Church. I’m looking forward to meeting readers, new or old. I’ll be signing copies of Cookie Encounter and Heir Force. Would love to see you!

Speaking of Goodreads and Heir Force, there’s a few more days to enter the giveaway for one of three signed copies of my military inspirational romance, Heir Force. It’s also only .99 for the ebook for a couple more days before it goes up to $1.99.

That’s about it from my corner of the world. What’s happening in yours?

Happy reading!




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