October 2017 Reading Wrap Up

This month of reading has been mostly cozy mysteries and two WWII books. And my lowest book total for the year.

monthly reading wrap up graphic

The first book this month I read was Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson, a new to me author. I really enjoyed this story of a journalist writing for a magazine during the Blitz in WWII. I liked the characters and how the plot developed, and the slow romance. I will read more of this author.

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A favorite but oldie author, Dorothy Gilman, wrote Thale’s Folly, about a young man asked to check out some property willed to his family. But when he arrives to find it inhabited rather than empty, new relationships develop, and his family makes changes for the better. There’s also a little mystery involving one of the inhabitants of the house.

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The Silent Places by James P. Hunt is a detective series that takes place in St. Louis. Detective George Hastings solves mysteries and murders in my local area. In this one, he is tasked with protecting a visiting senator, then removed from the case but pursues it anyway as he gets more suspicious about what the senator is up to.

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A new cozy series I started reading was written in the 90s by Jo Dereske, Miss Zukas and the Library Murders takes place in Bellehaven Washington in a small safe community. But when a murder is discovered in the library, Helma Zukas, reference librarian is entangled. She and her eccentric artist friend, Ruth, are determined to help solve this murder, but get entangled further than they planned and become endangered. Kind of fun to read a series before fax machines, smart phones, computerized card catalogs, etc!

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The last book I read was The Saboteur by Andrew Gross, a new favorite author. I’ve liked all of his books. In this one, Kurt is tasked with the awesome responsibility of destroying a heavy water plant factory in Norway. Why? Because the Nazi’s need this to build the atomic bomb. A very suspenseful and enjoyable read based on true events and real people, which make it even more suspenseful.

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That wraps up my short reading list for October. (I was busy that month working on changes to Heir Force after getting feedback from my first readers)

Happy reading!





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