In the Writer’s House: #18

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family. My brothers and sis-in-law drove down and we had a good time eating and catching up. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday as well.

Christmas time

Now, it’s my favorite time of year! Although the weather isn’t cooperating. I’m supposed to be baking chocolate pumpkin bread and Christmas cookies, but when it’s 70 degrees and sunny? Hmmm. Maybe not.

But, I have taken advantage of the weather and gotten some shopping done, so I’m happy about that. I can’t believe Christmas is coming up so fast! How many of you have started your shopping?

Heir Force Update

Heir Force is now out in paperback and ebook. ($15.99 and .99 respectively). If you have readers on your list who enjoy clean romance books, this would be a good choice.  And don’t forget to remind them to leave a review. Reviews are the only way an author gets feedback from readers unless they write the author directly or say something in other social media outlets. They are very important to us! 🙂

My Next Project

I’m thinking about writing a Christmas related novella, about the hero and heroine meeting over a platter of Christmas cookies. Or each wanting the last one on a plate at some function. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I see snippets in my head. Don’t worry, I’m still a normal person, even though I ‘see’ things in my head. Really.

You can see what others said in an earlier post when I asked readers what they liked about reading shorter Christmas stories. And leave a comment about why you like them.

A Christmas Giveaway!

I’m still working on some type of giveaway in time for Christmas. I may join with another blogger or do something from my site; I haven’t decided yet. But stay tuned!

Enjoy the beginning of the holiday season, remembering why we celebrate it in the first place. Only because God sent his Son to be born of a virgin and then later die on a cross to forgive us for our sins are we able to celebrate Christmas (and Easter) with peace, love, and hope.

How far are you in your shopping this year? Making progress or haven’t started yet?

Waiting for baking weather,




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