In the Writer’s House #16

Boy, I’ve been busy! Lots to do before a book comes out. 

I’ve set up the preorder for the e-book version of Heir Force here. The paperback isn’t ready enough to set up for preorder yet. I’ve set up an ad for Book Fun Magazine that will get read by around 400,000 readers, so hopefully, it will be a good return on my investment.

book cover for Heir Force

the final cover for Heir Force!

I’ve also ordered the book cataloging info so that libraries can add the book to their collections faster.

And I’ve set up a giveaway on Goodreads that starts Friday. Looking forward to generating some early buzz for Heir Force! Heir Force is about Kate Langston facing her most challenging assignment yet, and it has nothing to do with the military. She faces many changes in her life after a tragedy, and friends rally around her. Spencer Coleman is one of those friends, and he hopes he can become more than a friend.

My postcards and banner have arrived, and I’m almost ready for the city chili festival this Saturday. If you find yourself in southern Illinois, come see me in Mascoutah! Working on putting a giveaway prize together. The weather should be great, partly cloudy and in the low 80s. Looking forward to meeting some new readers! I have several copies of Cookie Encounter on hand, ready to sign. And I’ll have a preorder list for Heir Force available for those interested. Should be a fun day!

My two younger kids have said, “I hope your second book sells better than your first one did, Mom.” Oh, the pressure! I agree, but it should be easier as more books get written. 🙂 The life of an Indie Author!!

I think that’s about it from my corner of the world.

Ready for a nap!


#Indie Author





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