In the Writer’s House #13

This week is turning out to be enjoyable for many reasons. I have finished edits from one of my first readers and she was very thorough and has saved me much embarrassment!

I have more editing to do from another first reader, and then Heir Force goes off to my editor! I am getting both nervous and excited at this point. I am also ready to move this book to the finished pile and be done with it. Then, the real work begins!

So much to do for the next few weeks as I let reviewers and bloggers know of its upcoming release and continue to work on the marketing pieces.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the cover! I am grateful for every comment which makes me feel like maybe I’m not talking to a brick wall after all. If you haven’t seen the cover yet, you can see it here.

I also finished my yearly Goodreads challenge! Yesterday I finished reading my 78th book. I lowered my number a little this year, knowing I would be working hard on Heir Force. Next year, I can probably bump it up to 100.

Another fun thing this week, I won a book from a Goodreads giveaway! This one is a Christmas book, and I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

And, I have a wonderful friend visiting us this week from Phoenix. My friend Sarah and her two kids are here and will be staying with us a few days later this week. The weather will be perfect for baking and going on a nature walk, looking forward to it!

How is your reading coming? Are you close to your Goodreads goal? You still have three months left to catch up.

Happy reading!



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