In the Writer’s House #11

Hello there!

This post is going to be rather short as I haven’t much to update on. I’ve started reading through the books I ordered, and have finished two of them. One of them, I’m already rereading.

The one I’m rereading is James Scott Bell’s Marketing for Writers Who Hate Marketing: The No-Stress Way to Sell Books Without Losing Your Mind.

marketing for those who hate marketing

Can you guess why I’m reading it again? I both love and hate this book. I love it because it gives me permission to not worry about doing everything that some publishers, editors and agents want their authors to do. And I hate it because it says to do the best marketing thing, which is to write more books and let them be your own personal marketing. Yes, that might work, but not for a novice or one-book-so-far author. Know what I mean?

I don’t have to worry about having an instagram, tumblr, facebook, linkedin, etc. Even blogging is a time stealer for many authors and it has given me serious pause about whether to continue this blog. Would anybody miss it?

I have to do what works best for me without either taking too much time or causing too much stress. Over the next few weeks while Heir Force is with beta readers, I will take all the information I have learned lately about marketing and book launches and put those tasks into a list that I feel comfortable doing and have time for. The rest I’ll let go.

Call for Beta Readers

Speaking of beta readers, if you enjoy reading inspirational romance stories, and want to be added to my beta list, let me know by commenting below. For all my beta readers, I ask for honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t in the story, via a pdf. I will send you a signed copy when it becomes available. The e-book version will come out in late October, and the paperback sometime in November.

That’s it from my corner of the world!

What do you think? Should I continue this blog? Would you rather only get my monthly reading wrap ups, or do you like hearing how my writing journey is going? Would you be interested in reading something different about writing, or being an author?



3 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House #11

  1. Michelle, I enjoy reading about your writing journey, but I totally understand that blogging takes precious time away from your writing and you need to prioritize what is important for you, especially when working on the busy final stages of your book. Perhaps you could include your writing journey and reading wrap ups in the one monthly update.


  2. Blog posting for some of us serves in a couple of ways. Writing practice, get in touch with things of the here and now, learning of and with “others” writing styles, and there are other benefits. Maybe changing the frequency or volume of your blogging instead if discontinuing it. Best of luck.


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