In the Writer’s House: #5

Hello there!

How was your 4th yesterday? Did you celebrate with family and friends? We had a barbeque with my parents and another couple from our church. The kids did a few fireworks when it got dark enough…they aren’t my favorite thing, but for some reason the kids love them. And poor Ripley (he’s in the picture with me below)!

If there is only one thing Ripley hates, it would be all the racket from the fireworks going off all over town. We try and keep him in the basement as far away from the noise outside as we can, but he still whines, poor thing.

Then at 9:30 we walked a few blocks to see the fireworks show from the city park. There were quite a few that received an ‘ah’ or an ‘oh’.

Heir Force Update

This week, I have the exciting news to announce that I’m done with the rough draft of Heir Force! I am now looking at book covers, colors, design elements, etc for the book cover. Fun stuff! I will reprint the whole book and read through it one more time before it goes to first readers, and then after their feedback, it will go off to the editor. The deadline is getting closer and I’m getting more excited! Still so much to do though!


I am still reading lots of books and am still working on my reading wrap up for June. Look for that post soon. I am actually now 17 books ahead on my Goodreads goal for 2017! I finished my sheet for the city library and will attend a celebration dinner later this month which includes some sort of entertainment and prizes.

Have a great rest of the week!








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