In the Writer’s House: #4


How is your summer going? I can’t believe how fast June is going; the first full month of my summer is almost gone already!

I have been working diligently on the ending of Heir Force. The book is going in a slightly different direction than originally planned, but that’s not a problem. I see the end is near, which makes me a happy camper. I will send it off to an editor soon and start working on the cover design, which is a part I really enjoy.

Summer Reading

My reading is still going strong. Last time I checked my Goodreads stats, I’d read 55 books, 71% of my year’s goal. I’m always reading something! I’m actually 18 books ahead of schedule, which is good. Because by the time I get to the technical aspects of publishing Heir Force, I will be pulling out my hair instead of reading 🙂


Lately my oldest daughter and I have been ‘bonding’ over 007 movies. We have watched volume 1 of Roger Moore’s episodes and now have volume 1 of Sean Connery playing the 007 agent. We are laughing at the earlier forms of computers, phones, weapons and technology compared to what we have in today’s modern times. We have come a long way in that field!

Do you have a favorite Bond movie?

Until next time,




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