In the Writer’s House: #2

This week in the writer’s house we watched the fascinating Thunderbirds this past weekend at Scott Air Force Base, near where we live. We saw most of their practice from our driveway on Friday afternoon, but on Sunday we drove to a small nearby airport where we could see the whole show.The kids really enjoyed it and my daughter took several good shots on her I-pod. Our digital camera didn’t fare so well in the photo department. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. I didn’t have my cell phone with me and doubt it could have done any better anyway.

2017  Scott AFB air show of Thunderbirds

two Thunderbird planes form a heart

This week I am dividing up all the chapters of Heir Force into smaller ones before I print it out again for a last read before it goes to my editor. I have yet to sit down and put the cover design info together, but the ideas are swirling in my head 🙂 Stay tuned for the cover reveal later this summer.

I’m continuing my summer reading, and almost done with our five titles for the city library. For the base library, I’m counting up my minutes for their program. The kids love getting prizes this time of year, although they read quite a bit all year round with no incentive needed, but a good story!

The flowers are growing and it’s just now gotten into the 90s so they are needing more water. I hope my snapdragons, vinca, verbena and the daisy plant all make it through the hot summer.

That’s about it from my corner of the world this week.

Have you planted a vegetable or flower garden this year? Or if your on another part of the globe, are you reaping what you sowed earlier in your season?




4 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House: #2

  1. Great shots of the Thunderbird planes! Our vegetable garden is fairly dormant at the moment with the cold winter weather. About the only things we are harvesting are spinach, parsley, and beetroot planted in the summer, but we have some pretty cosmos and pansies blooming in the flower garden.


  2. We are having our annual battle with wildlife. Most of the apples are gone from the tree already—they didn’t even have a chance to get larger than golf balls before the animals got to them. Our daisies were salad for the deer and the herb garden must have added flavor to a raccoon’s feast. I can’t complain too much, tho, as we enjoy seeing the animals and wouldn’t want them gone. Hope the farmers markets have good tomatoes, tho, cuz ours are kaput for this year.


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