In the Writer’s House: Week #1

Hello and welcome to the new Wednesday posts called In the Writer’s House! Each week I will post personal stories as well as my writing progress. I hope you enjoy these new posts. And as always, feel free to leave a comment, a question, or even dare I say-a complaint. Hopefully there won’t be many of the latter!

This week is the third full week of our summer vacation in our family. And when I say vacation, I just mean time off from teaching at our homeschool, Connell Christian Academy. As a matter of fact, our firstborn just graduated and we celebrated her open house this past Saturday. (I have better pix but they are on the camera and the computer to transfer them over has been dismantled.)

Just want to clarify though that this is not really a vacation for me, as I will be running the kids around to summer reading programs, community VBS, bowling, swimming, etc. And the other daily stuff that goes on in a house with my hubby, four kids and a dog. Needless to say, I will not be sitting poolside with my feet up. 🙂

In my writing world, I am frantically and I do mean frantically, trying to wrap up my military romance, Heir Force, which comes out in October. I am editing through the whole thing and wrapping up the ending. Soon, I will be working on the cover design for my cover artist.

On Sunday, I had a fabulous lunch with my writer friends, including Pat, who was in town for another event. We enjoyed salads and/or pizza at Peel, in O’Fallon. It started pouring while we were eating, so we skipped the photo op we planned for after lunch.

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2 thoughts on “In the Writer’s House: Week #1

  1. Nice to hear what you have been up to. I am editing my book and am working on the cover at the moment. Do you always have a clear idea in your mind of how you want your cover to look? I would be interested to hear how you approach this when you come to do it.


    • I usually have an idea of colors and some elements. For this one, since it’s military related I will have a blue background and the U.S. flag waving somewhere on the cover and maybe the St. Louis arch or one of the gates from Scott Air Force Base where the book takes place. I have some ideas, but am not sure how it will all go together. It’s only my second book, so we’ll see what I and the designer come up with 🙂


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