Southern Kentucky Book Fest (SOKY): Part Two

Last week I wrote the first post about attending the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green, KY (SOKY). If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, I thought I would mention the other authors I met and compare the Book Fest to the Tucson Festival of Books I attended in March.

SOKY 2017 crowd

I met more authors at SOKY, but didn’t get their photos. A few other inspirational authors I met and bought books from were Ann Gabhart and Virginia Smith. A suspense author I like, David Bell, was there and he signed a book for me as well. I now have a whole pile of books to read!

stack of books I bought at SOKY 2017

If you missed my post about the Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB), you can read it here.

For those who know how it went, you can probably already surmise that going to the SOKY as an author seems to be a better fit–especially for the authors. You can chat with readers and fans all day on Friday from 9-2 and on Saturday from 9-3. The conference center is a very nice modern facility with lots of quiet nooks around if you need some alone time. Also, the cost is free for both attendees and author presenters, which is phenomenal.

The whole fest is focused on the books and the authors themselves, which is fantastic. There are some snack and drink vendors on hand, and there is plenty of parking. So the main focus of the event is the authors present each year, which changes. In the back of the room, Barnes & Noble sells the books you had signed.

If you’re headed there and your spouse is not a bookworm, maybe they can check out the National Corvette Museum, or Lost River Cave, or perhaps the Historic Train Museum. There’s plenty of other sites to check out if they aren’t into books.

That wraps up my assessment on the Southern Kentucky Book Fest, I hope you enjoyed it!



2 thoughts on “Southern Kentucky Book Fest (SOKY): Part Two

  1. I enjoyed reading about the Book Fest. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! How lovely to meet all those authors, and to return home with such an enticing stack of books to read!


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