Writing Prompt Wednesday #73

This week’s writing prompt is based on this short dialogue with my then four-year-old: Mariah walked into the kitchen where I was working and asked, “Is everyone weird?” I replied yes.

She answered, “I don’t want to be weird, I just want to be cute.”

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

She was in a conversation with her siblings at the time, discussing how everyone is weird in their own way. She didn’t agree, so came to me for a better answer, but I failed to give it to her. 🙂 Though, she is cute! Sometimes…

Everyone is weird in their own way, but what I mean by that is everyone is made unique and nobody is alike in totality, not even twins. We each have our own dreams, longings, wishes, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Being weird can be a good thing. It means we aren’t cookie-cut-outs or robots, but individual living and breathing creations by the greatest Creator ever.

What do you think? Are you weird?

Happy Easter on Sunday! With a special church service and family lunch, I will be celebrating the greatest event in history, the resurrection of my Savior.



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