Writing Prompt Wednesday #72

Happy Wednesday to you! I hope it’s sunny where you are.  Around here, it’s supposed to be another rainy dreary day… This week’s writing prompt is using the following sentence fragment: The kettle whistled in the empty kitchen… What happens, who is supposed to be using the now hot water and why aren’t they in the kitchen? What can you come up with?

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.netMy attempt: Tiffany put on the kettle for her afternoon cup of tea and took out her favorite cup and herbal tea bags, setting them on her flowery tray. She nearly dropped the sugar bowl when she heard a resounding crash from down the hall. What had made that awful noise? She raced through the kitchen, across the dining room and stopped abruptly at the beginning of the hallway. She couldn’t believe her eyes. A gaping hole appeared in the ceiling/roof and on her floor was a huge mass of something black and heavy and smoking. A meteorite? She wasn’t sure. She turned back towards the kitchen to call emergency services when she heard the whistle from the kettle.

All right, first turn off the blasting kettle, then the phone call. She gave another glance toward the object now blocking her hallway and hurried back to the kitchen.

flowery tea pot

How about you? Who left the kettle in the kitchen and why? Share your answers with us!

Happy writing!



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #72

  1. The whistle cut through the silence of the empty house. Mrs. Kreiger’s daughter has been worried about her mother’s mental state for months. “She’s doing fine,” her doctor continues to insist. Lynette was not convinced. Her gut told a completely different story. On nothing more than a “gut feeling” she dropped by her mother’s house this Wednesday afternoon to be greeted by nothing but the hollow sounding whistle of a tea kettle.


  2. I was so pleased to hear that musical whistle, I had just got the 18 month old triplets settled for their 2 hour nap ( I prayed), and I was more than ready to sit and relax over a very hot cup of tea and the current novel I was reading.


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