Writing Prompt Wednesday #71

This week’s prompt is based on the following photo. My friend Sarah took the it at the book festival a few weeks ago. What does this photo say to you?

Here is my prompt: The crossword puzzle at the festival got a lot of lookers, but not very many participants to fill in the answers. The trees around it however provided much needed shade for those looking to cool off. Perhaps the trees themselves were the draw, rather than the giant crossword puzzle. Maybe some cold water bottles would have helped attendees hang around it a little longer, as the temps rose to the 90s.

That’s all I’ve got, folks. How about you? Got something better than me? Most likely!




3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #71

  1. Here I stand in my safari hat and fanny pack. I can’t even look at that giant, ridiculous crossword puzzle any longer. I just knew I had 4 down correct. But … NO! Before that, 2 across … NO! I hate this game. But I really want to win that quart-sized mason jar filled with dark chocolate espresso beans. So, I guess I’ll try again. Nine across …

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  2. The first thing the photo says to me is that I better run home and burn my safari hat and fanny pack. It’s not a good look on me anymore! (Was it ever?) And secondly, how am I supposed to write anything on that crossword puzzle at that angle? Am I sounding cranky? Well okay then. 🙂


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