Writing Prompt Wednesday #67

This week’s writing prompt is a quote.

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net


Do you like to share a cup of tea and share great thoughts? I do! I love drinking hot tea this time of year and like several varieties and flavors. One of my favorite ones is acia with its fruity flavor. (I’m enjoying a cup now!)

I have several tea cups and saucers but usually don’t use them. Instead I drink from a mug with a bigger handle.



5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #67

  1. I love to drink tea. When I am on my own, I make it in a little pink polka dot teapot for one that sits on top of a teacup, and I cover it with a tea cozy that my mum knitted about thirty years ago. When I have visitors, I use a bigger teapot patterned with hydrangeas. I know it is easier to use teabags, but I love the whole tea making process using tea leaves. I do use teabags when I drink green tea or nettle tea. There is nothing like a chat over a cup of tea!


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