Writing Prompt Wednesday #65

Hello there,

Did you miss my writing prompt last week? I didn’t get one out as I have been sick lately with some sort of crud and then strep, but am all better now. I am on to bigger and definitely better things!

Since this is Romance Week I thought for this week’s prompt, I would answer a few questions on romance.

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

What does the word ‘romance’ say to me?

Romance to me is purposely saying to someone ‘I love you’. It doesn’t have to be flowers or chocolates, although I like those things, and I prefer the chocolates 🙂 I like pretty things; like hearts, flowers, lace, ribbons, rainbows, etc. Romance evokes a feeling of being loved and cared for, of being remembered.

What I don’t like about Valentine’s Day though is the expectation that we have to say ‘I love you’ on one particular day. I think like Christmas, it has become over commercialized and a money maker for card and chocolate companies.

Anyway, on to some more romance questions:

What is my favorite romantic movie?

It’s an oldie, but goody called Charade, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. I don’t remember where I discovered it, but it’s one of my favorite movies and one of a few that I’ve seen more than once. My hubby actually bought me a copy for Christmas years ago (that’s romantic–when someone gets you something you like).

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My favorite flower? 

I love carnations and any color they come in. I like roses also, but not as much as carnations.

My favorite type of chocolate?

Russell Stover truffles. Mmmm mmmm! Another favorite is Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses.

What about you? What does romance say to you?

Happy romance week!



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #65

  1. Romance means quiet nights in front of the fire reading good books with a great guy. Love that special romantic time. My favorite romantic movie is Gone With the Wind. I will never recover from Rhett walking away into the fog with out Scarlett. She deserved it, but still…. My favorite flower is the peony. It reminds me of home (North Dakota) and is perfect in every way. And finally, as to chocolate, I love Godiva chocolate. We buy a box and stash it away in a hard to get to place. Then when we really crave something yummy sweet, we dig it out and each take JUST ONE PIECE. Sinfully delicious.


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