Writing Prompt Wednesday #62

This week’s writing prompt is a sentence: Alison hated eating leftovers; she hated cooking them even more.

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

Since Alison hated leftovers, but hated throwing them out even worse than cooking them, she pretended she was on a cooking show and gave herself thirty minutes to transform their Thanksgiving leftovers into something even her kids would enjoy. Game on!

She took out the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and turkey and got to work. Her stomach actually began to growl as she worked, and she became a little excited at her new creation. Maybe leftovers weren’t as bad as she thought. Yum!

How about you? Does the sentence prompt inspire you?

Happy writing!



One thought on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #62

  1. Leftovers were the mainstay of her mother’s menu plan all through her childhood. Leftovers lasted for days. Alison hated it. REALLY hated it. Or maybe she just had gotten sick of them. She could go to a restaurant and order something fresh every day! How lovely. Of course that was pricey. And perhaps not completely healthy. Ok then. The only answer is: cook less. Cook very little as a matter of fact. Barely enough for her and Brian for each meal. Ahhhh … a goal she could live with. Finally.


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