Writing Prompt Wednesday #61

Hello there and welcome to another week of writing prompts! Today, I thought I would post a picture and write a prompt from it.

funny hair

Here’s my take: Josie was always playing with somebody’s hair. Her sister’s, her doll’s, her mom’s– when she would let her. The family dog would see that purple brush in Josie’s hand and would take off to dive under the sofa. Josie loved to ‘wash’, brush and ‘curl’ hair on anybody that sat still long enough. It was no surprise she went to beauty school after high school graduation. Her waiting list for appointments today are weeks long.


How do you like that? What can you come up with from this photo?

Happy Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #61

  1. There I was, sitting on my favorite sofa at my favorite coffee shop. I don’t usually get there early enough to get a spot on the sofa. I try. I really do! And today it happened! I don’t know how, exactly. Perhaps I left something out of my morning routine. I don’t care … I’m going to sit here and savor my cuppa.


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