‘Tis the Season to Give (Away)!

Hello Readers,

This is the Christmas season and time to give! I love this time of year and love giving gifts, so this is a win-win for you! 🙂 They say it’s always better to give than to receive, so I’m going to be giving away some prizes on National Cookie Day which is December 4th. Didn’t know there was a National Cookie Day? Me either until just a few weeks ago.

Christmas giveaway

I was working on a blog post at the library recently and wondered if there was such a thing. And then, I found out that there is such a day and it was coming up rapidly. So, I put together some marketing materials for independent bookstores in Brooklyn, NY and let them know that I donated copies of my book, Cookie Encounter, to the Books on the Subway program. Very cool, and I’m excited to see how it goes. (I don’t even know anyone in NY!)

Fun, fun, fun!

Win a prize!

So to celebrate such a wonderful thing, I’ll be giving away several prizes on National Cookie Day, and you can get all the details in my next newsletter coming out later this week. Look for it in your inbox soon. Don’t get the newsletter? No problem, just sign up at the top of this page. After signing up, you’ll also get my free short story involving toilet paper-it’s clean, I promise 🙂 Joke intended.

And if you already get the newsletter, just read it and find the simple directions to enter the drawing.

Since we’re talking about cookies, what’s your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? Mine is any kind involving chocolate or coconut.

Merry Christmas!



10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Give (Away)!

  1. Hard to decide on a favourite kind of Christmas cookie. I would probably have to say traditional gingerbread cookies, lemon shortbread, or cookies with cranberries because they always look festive.


  2. My absolute favorite Christmas cookie is shortbreads but I always end up trying other delicious cookie recipes every year a long with my shortbreads Yummm


  3. My grandma always made cherry winks for Christmas, and yes there’s coconut in there! We also make spritz cookies since we had them in Germany. We’re making peanut butter kiss cookies today for National Cookie Day. Thanks Michelle!


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