Writing Prompt Wednesday #55

So last week’s election was very interesting here in the U.S. and I’m hopeful for our country’s future. For this week’s writing prompt, I thought we’d discuss being the boss, or the president, or whatever the top dog is in your particular country. Everyone wants to do things differently, to make changes or improvements.

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

If I were president, I would for sure make the tax paying system easier (not to mention to lower the tax rate). The amount of paper wasted just to get one person’s taxes done is beyond ridiculous. Plus all the complicated formulas the IRS makes up are absolutely crazy.

Then I would strengthen our military by increasing the ranks to reduce the number of times one airman has to deploy. And of course to keep the enemy at bay.

There would be a host of other things I would do also, but this is only a start.

If you were the president what would be two things you would do? Share with us!



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #55

  1. I would subsidize apprenticeships to solve the shortage of skilled tradesmen in our country. I would also look for ways to encourage doctors and surgeons to remain in New Zealand, instead of heading overseas once they had qualified, in order to shorten the lengthy waiting lists for operations.


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