Writing Prompt Wednesday #47

Hello Friends,

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

This week’s prompt is all about apples. I was talking to my mom recently about making apple pies and which apples make the best pies. I bake, but I don’t make pie very often and have never made an apple pie.

My prompt: Mom usually uses a pile of Jonathan or Gala apples for her pies. They taste wonderful and I love anything with cinnamon in it. Apples just aren’t my favorite fruit anyway, so I don’t go for apple desserts a whole lot, but I do enjoy an apple crisp during the fall season.


What about you? Do you bake any fall treats with apples? Which varieties are your favorites? What do you look forward to during apple season? Share in the comments.

~~Happy eating or baking!



One thought on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #47

  1. I love to make apple puddings – apple pie, apple and blueberry crumble, apple shortcake. I also love to have stewed apple with my breakfast during apple season. Cinnamon apple muffins are a favourite, too. There are lots of apple orchards around where I live, but I don’t really have a favourite variety.


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