August Reading Wrap Up

Good golly,

I can’t believe August is almost over already. And I thought June and July went by fast!

reading wrap up grapthic

I did not read as many books this month, because I’ve been watching videos on how to get more books into the library system and how to make it easier for librarians to add them to their collection. I’m excited about what I’m learning!

What I did manage to read were all novels: Numbered Account by Christopher Reich, a financial thriller. Product DetailsI like his writing and the topic of finances for a thriller even though I am not a math or numbers kind of gal! Far from it!

The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan, a Canadian mystery during 1910. I liked this story, but the mystery was a little too easy to solve. But I liked the characters, the different setting and the earlier era, so will probably read more in this new series.

Product Details

The Jazz Files by Fiona V Smith, a 1920s English mystery. I love the cover of this book, and the era of the Jazz Age. I will for sure read more in this new series.

Product Details

And Finally, Fear Itself by Andrew Rosenheim, a mystery during the late 1930s, when Hitler was stirring up trouble in Europe. This one is the first of a series also, and I will definitely read more.

Product Details

It sounds like I found several new series to keep me busy!

That’s it from here-my short reading list, shortest of any month this year so far. Although, I still have a few days of August to squeeze another book or two in, don’t I? 🙂 And I probably will!

Are you reading anything interesting? Or learning something you’re enjoying (or not enjoying)? Share with us!

~~And as always, happy reading!



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