Writing Prompt Wednesday #37

Hello Readers,

Last week’s prompt about cookies was rather fun! So many different varieties readers enjoy. If you missed it and haven’t chimed in, click here: WPW #36: Cookies

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

This week, I thought we’d write about your favorite way to keep cool in the heat of the summer.

Do you find a place by the water or beach? Stay indoors? Find a quiet café or library to read? Go to the movies?

For me, my favorite place to keep cool is the library. I take the kids and we hang out at the library for a while until everyone has something to read. Or, we go get custard or ice cream in the evenings.

What about you? How do you stay cool?

Happy reading!



8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday #37

  1. It’s hard to think about wanting to stay cool at the moment when we are in the middle of winter over here, but in the summer we love to take our dog to the river. My husband and our little Jack Russell/Foxy, Finn, love to swim and will spend ages in the water. I am not a water person so I like to find a shady spot under the trees and relax and enjoy nature.


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