Looking for Super Fans!


As most of you know, I’m a new author. And I Read. A. Lot. So, in my reading, I’ve read about authors who have a group of people, around 10-20, to be that author’s super fans.

I thought I’d ask for those interested in being my Super Fans of my writing, and future books besides Cookie Encounter. Once an author has published, she has to keep putting out the books!

red editing marks on a manuscript

So, what better way to be encouraged by having a group of super fans? If you are interested in doing simple but helpful things like writing short reviews, voting on reviews already posted, sharing the book in your social media circles, asking your library to purchase the book, etc. then let me know.

You might be asking what’s in it for you? How about giveaways, exclusive content, getting early announcements, etc. You will be added to a separate list and will be the first to see cover reveals and the like.

Are you interested in being one of my Super Fans? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Thanks in advance!



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